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Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watch from the Gold Coast


Amazing Experience. Nice Host, friendly staff members… Read more

neha — 1 February, 2019

Half Day Mills Charters Whale Watching from Perth


Saw lots of whales. Captain was good at getting close… Read more

Linda Hanna — 29 October, 2018

Spirit of Hervey Bay Whale Watch from Hervey Bay


Just amazing ! We were told that whale season was nearing… Read more

Lorelle Kingsbury — 21 October, 2018

#BeFree – Discover Whale Watching

The 2017 Australian Whale Watching starts in May in the southern states while the Hervey Bay Whale Watching starts in July and lasts only until late November  Browse Whale Watching Tours

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Why go whale watching?

You will always remember that moment you looked into the eyes of one of the most majestic and mighty mammals of the ocean and felt like you connected with mother nature on some primal level. Or when you were caught delightfully off-guard by a school-bus-sized whale playfully launching itself out of the water beside you.

Australia is known as one of the best places in the world to see whales as they make their annual migration north after a summer season feeding in the Antarctic. Humpback whales and southern rights are particularly partial to our waters, and can travel around 5,000kms along the east coast in search of the Great Barrier Reef’s warmer waters where females will give birth.

While you can spot humpbacks and whale sharks in Western Australia around the Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay from the beginning of September through to late November, it’s the east coast where most of the action takes place. Whale watching starts from around May in New South Wales and from July in Queensland; Hervey Bay even hosts an annual Ocean Festival to mark the beginning of the whale watching season! Since humpbacks tend to swim closer to the shore than most other species, it’s possible to spot them from land. However, nothing beats getting out on (or in) the water and experiencing them up close.

Hervey Bay is a particularly popular place to whale watch because on their migration south, humpback whales get “caught” by Fraser Island and enter the bay, breaking away from their migration zone. The south-easterly winds that grace the area mean Platypus Bay — the body of water between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island — is protected, which provides a perfect environment for whales and their calves to rest and play.

Between August and November, you’re guaranteed to see whales (with tours offering free re-cruises), and your experience could include adult male bulls, cows and calves breaching, tailslapping, eyeballing and fluking, as well as dolphins, turtles and seabirds.

Whale watching vessels are equipped with a hydrophone so you don’t miss the male humpback melodic songs (often originating from whales up to 30kms away) or the softer mother-calf conversations. They also tend to have underwater cameras and both indoor and outdoor viewing, and some will have underwater windows, lowering platforms, or even the opportunity to swim with whales. Almost all tours offer pick up from your accommodation, light refreshments and a licensed kiosk on board, and some include more substantial dining options. Vessels range from sailing boats to more stable larger catamarans (great for those who suffer from motion sickness).

Tours are typically half-day or full-day tours, and you can combine whale watching with other activities to build a package and receive a discount. Some of the whale watching tours on offer include:

  • A day aboard the Tasman Venture, where you’ll visit the remote side of Fraser Island and swim, snorkel and relax
  • An intimate full-day catered sailing experience from Hervey Bay aboard the Blue Dolphin, skippered by a former Seaworld marine mammal trainer
  • A 3-hour Mills Charter sunset cruise from Perth, dedicated solely to spotting these majestic creatures
  • For the more adventurous, slip into a sea kayak from Byron Bay for a few hours — the only kayak-based whale watching tour on offer — and cruise around the Cape Byron Marine Park
  • If you’d like a longer experience, try the 4-day/3-night Kingfisher Bay and Fraser Island combination tour from Hervey Bay, which includes a half-day whale watching tour, a full day guided walking tour of Fraser Island, and the comfort of Kingfisher Bay Resort

No matter how much time you have or what other activities you’d like to take part in, there is a whale watching tour here for you. So go ahead, look through our library of future magical moments for yourself and then let us help you create the perfect adventure!

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