Hervey Bay

Whale Watching Hervey Bay is an unforgettable experience and the best in Australia. You will be amazed at the number of whales! Hervey Bay whale watching is not to be missed & forever remembered. Hervey Bay itself is a quiet coastal town with perfect access to Fraser Island - ask us about booking a Fraser Island tour as well!

The Hervey Bay Whale Watching Season begins on the 19th of July – with Whalesong beginning their season with a ‘whalesearch’ from the 7th of July. While the whales are a little sparse early in the season you are guaranteed to see some dolphins and also enjoy the day out on the water. After the 19th of July the Hervey Bay whale numbers steadily grow with the peak time being mid-August to mid-October. At this time the Whale Watching Hervey Bay vessels see whales pretty much every day (but they do have a guarantee just in case where you receive a free re-cruise)! The Whales’ surface behaviour including breaching and tailslapping becomes more active as the calves enter Hervey Bay towards the end of August and into September & October. A question commonly asked is why Hervey Bay? Well the coastline of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island acts like a funnel – when the whales are migrating south with their young they are funnelled between Fraser Island and the coast of Australia. The whales tends to stay in the calmer and warmer waters of Hervey Bay for awhile before continuing their journey south – perfect for Whale Watching! Hervey Bay is also great for passenger comfort during whale watching due to the calmer and protected waters (as compared to offshore tours from other locations).

Season DatesJuly to November
Peak SightingsAugust to October
SpeciesHumpback Whales
Price Range$105-$125 per adult
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