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Frequently Asked Questions

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{tour-faq limit='1'}Can I use my drone during my whale watching tour in Australia? — Remi Follet{/faq-images}

Can I use my drone during my whale watching tour in Australia?

We would highly recommend to enjoy the whales for the beauty and majesty of them and not to disturb them with buzzing noises and drones hooping all… more

{tour-faq limit='1'}Swim with the Whales in Hervey Bay — Matt Geldard{/faq-images}

Swim with the Whales in Hervey Bay

Swim with the Whales Experiences are available exclusively on Quick Cat II in Hervey Bay! Hervey Bay is the only location in Australia that allows… more

{tour-faq limit='1'}Are there Guaranteed Sightings? — Jarad Higgins{/faq-images}

Are there Guaranteed Sightings?

All our Whale Watching Tours have Guaranteed Sightings! This means you will be able to go whale watching again for free on the same vessel if you do… more

{tour-faq limit='1'}Are the waters in Hervey Bay rough? — Jarad Higgins{/faq-images}

Are the waters in Hervey Bay rough?

As Hervey Bay is protected waters (Fraser Island acts as a shield from both the wind and waves) the bay tends to be quite calm. This is one of the… more

{tour-faq limit='1'}Should I go on a morning or afternoon tour? — Jarad Higgins{/faq-images}

Should I go on a morning or afternoon tour?

There is not a huge difference between the morning and afternoon in whale watching. However the mornings do tend to be slightly calmer than the… more

{tour-faq limit='1'}Are there any whale watching terms I should know? — Super Admin{/faq-images}

Are there any whale watching terms I should know?

​Group of whales – ‘Pod’ Mother – ‘Cow’ Father – ‘Bull’ Baby – ‘Calf’ When a Whale jumps out of the water –… more

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